Make It Fat

Get K-Whooms and squeeze the fattest sounds out of it with just a few turns of the controls.

Free for Everyone

Current version: 2023.10

Note Expression

Modulate Pitch, Volume and Pan or any other parameter on a per note basis.

Parameter Context Menu

Access parameter functions via context menu from within the plug-in e.g. "Show Autmation Track".

Feature Madness

Multi Oscillators & Noise

  • Choose between basic waveforms sine, triangle, saw and pulse
  • Dial in up to 9 phases per oscillator steplessly
  • Spread phases and detune them
  • Widen multi oscillators panorama
  • Adjust from blue over white to pink noise characteristic
  • Mix multi oscillators and noise

Modulation Matrix & Sources

  • Assign modulations on up to 8 slots
  • Update modulation targets synced to the host tempo
  • Choose envelope and two LFOs as modulation sources
  • Route note expressions

Filter & Amplifier

  • Choose between 12 filter types
  • Ladder filter type included
  • Add some extra volume and panning

There is more...

  • Use Step Sequencer for rythmic patterns
  • Scale the GUI from 100% to 125%, 150%, 175% and 200%.
  • Supported sample rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz.
  • Apply Simple Distortion & Stereo Delay effects

Demo Song

Yep, all sounds are made with K-Whooms.

Get Demo Song Package