The ingenuity of a construct lies in its simplicity. It is easy to built in a complicated manner.

Sergej P. Koroljow, soviet rocket engineer


K-Whooms 0.9.10

Posted on 2 Februrary 2019

With the help of MSixty7 I have successfully compiled K-Whooms for Mac OSX. This is still experimental though but I could not find any difference to the Windows version in regards to stabilty or functionality. Have fun! :D

K-Whooms 0.9.9

Posted on 18 September 2018

Just a small bugfix update.

K-Whooms 0.9.8

Posted on 14 August 2018


I redesigned the voice management in K-Whooms. Instead of simply grabbing a free voice randomly, it now works in a round robin like fashion. This concept is strongely modeled on hardware synthesizers and is already used in many VST instruments. In addition to that I improved the note management which allows playing multiple voices on the same MIDI note (same pitch and channel). Some bugfixes have also been added. Thanks to everyone for reporting bugs and giving feedback!

K-Whooms 0.9.7

Posted on 3 March 2018


I got some feedback about the filter's behavior and I changed the behavior in order to get rid of the strong damping when using the Resonance parameter. Presets might sound different now when filter types TP 12/24, HP 12/24, BP 6/12, BS 6/12, Comb Sym or Comb Asym were used.

K-Whooms 0.9.5

Posted on 28 October 2017


K-Whooms is now equipped with a new stepgate effect (also known as trancegate or patterngate). This gives more variaty to sounds.

Besides that the update contains small performance improvements. The Linux version of K-Whooms (including Raspberry PI) and a preset library is in the works.

K-Whooms 0.9.4

Posted on 22 April 2017


The update includes two bugfixes, performance and GUI improvements.

K-Whooms Demo Song Package

Posted on 19 February 2017


The demo song for K-Whooms was written by Matthias aka Msixty7. A package of all presets including drums, percussions, leads, basses and strings can now be downloaded on his website. Even more important, Msixty7 also includes the Cubase project and a MIDI file in order to reveal the arrangement as well as his production techniques. Feel free to remix the track and do not forget to give Msixty7 the credits he deserves for that awesome demo song.

Thank you, Msixty7!

K-Whooms 0.9.3

Posted on 28 January 2017


The update includes two bugfixes which have been reported. Finally K-Whooms receives MIDI events on all 16 channels ;)

K-Whooms 0.9.2

Posted on 15 January 2017


The update includes minor changes and a bugfix.

K-Whooms 0.9.1

Posted on 28 December 2016


WOO-HOO! After almost ten years of occasional software development, K-Whooms is ready for the public. There are still some things on the todo list like creating a preset library and make the online store look nice. But as a one man show things need to be done one step after another ;)

Nevertheless this should not keep you from making music with K-Whooms.

Have fun and give me some feedback!

BTW: I like the quotations in the banner. They always remind me of keeping things simple and stupid ;)